Medeja – “Ime moje lepote”

Beauty salon Medeja is located in the center of Niš. In a large and modern space that exudes freshness and provides a sense of peace, balance, and perfectionism.

We proudly say we have years of dedicated work and training in the country and abroad, we follow the latest trends in cosmetology, provide constant staff education at international seminars and congresses, we carefully monitor innovations in the world of cosmetics and investments in new devices and education so we keep on providing cosmetic services of the highest quality.

In May 2015, our new salon, Medeja Bulevar, started operating at another city location.

A pleasant atmosphere, professional and qualified staff, and products from the world’s best cosmetic companies are a good combination that will make you come back to our salon. Here, you can enjoy numerous face and body treatments, manicure and pedicure services, professional make-up, permanent make-up, soft-app, eyebrow microblading, as well as the most modern cosmetic treatments.

Medeja - o nama - radna atmosfera

Our main goal is to provide outstanding quality!

With experience and professionalism, highly qualified staff, teamwork, and the creation of individual treatments, we maintain a long-term relationship with clients, to mutual satisfaction.

Medeja – UKS cooperation with experts in the dermatology, physiatry, and plastic surgery fields, combined with professional health and beauty products and manual techniques, satisfies even the most demanding clients.

Join us and become part of the tradition

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