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Maderotherapy is a massage technique that comes from Colombia and is based on the use of anatomically made wooden elements, which makes the therapy 100% natural without allergic reactions on the skin.

This therapy represents a significantly better type of massage and is intended for people with disproportionate, localized fat deposits, excess water, toxins in the subcutaneous tissue, wrinkles, and cellulite. This method stimulates and improves energy balance, reduces stress, and relieves muscle and joint pain.

All these benefits of maderotherapy have led to the expansion of its application for aesthetic purposes as well. It can be used to gain body firmness, and skin tightness, to reduce and localize the number of fat cells, and wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body, expel toxins, excess water, and cellulite.

Maderotherapy is used to reaffirm and shape the figure.

The advantage of using specially shaped wooden elements enables intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and removing fatty deposits along with other toxins and excess water. The technique involves a series of repeated movements using over ten different wooden elements.

By applying these elements to the skin, muscles, fat deposits, wrinkles, and cellulite, we stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and thereby free it from accumulated toxins. This release of toxins boosts the metabolism to burn fat. Also, cellulite pockets are broken up, skin swelling is reduced, and the skin is smoothed and tightened.


100% natural / 100% non-invasive / 100% without contraindications

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