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tamed strong brows

Brow Lifting
– Brow Lift

With this treatment, the eyebrows are raised and colored and become fuller. With brow lamination, you get thick, neat, combed-up eyebrows that look completely natural. The hairs are softened and prepared for shaping.

After that, the skilled beautician carefully combs them into the shape you want, at the end, they are fixed, and the hairs are dyed. The effect is completely natural. Women are delighted with this new method because, unlike micro pigmentation, the skin is not treated, just the hairs themselves, which appear thicker and darker after the treatment.

Eyebrows shaped like this last for a month, and you only need to comb them in the morning.

Because only your natural brows are treated, this treatment is ideal if you have long eyebrow hair that needs to be tamed.


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