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You will no longer need mascara with new, silk eyelashes that are added to your natural ones with a new method, for a natural and true Hollywood look! The new method of silk thread eyelash extension gives you that fine, seductive, and mysterious look, and allows you to swim, sunbathe, shower… wink… without fear of losing them. The only thing you need to do is to get a correction of them from time to time.


Just like hair strands, eyelashes have their natural life cycle, so when one eyelash falls out, a new one grows in its place. So, the silk eyelashes do not fall off from the natural one, but together with it, so it is necessary to do correction of the silk eyelash. On average, it is necessary to do a correction of them once a month. The treatment is painless and lasts between one and two hours, depending on the number of eyelashes being extended. It is important to know that you should come to the extension without any makeup, because makeup makes it difficult to apply the fibers, just like any cream that is applied to the eye. zone and eyelashes. Your natural lashes will not be damaged.


A natural look without mascara / Sun and water resistant / Easy maintenance / Painless treatment

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