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facial treatment

Biological facial treatments have the task to nourish, hydrate and refresh the skin. They have regenerative, protective, and antioxidant effects. They significantly slow down the skin aging process. Slowing down the skin aging process is our biggest task. Free radicals cause the signs of aging – sagging skin, wrinkles, gray and unhealthy complexion.

Thanks to numerous types of cosmetics, we restore the skin’s glow and freshness, with the addition of hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, collagen, and oxygen…
Biological facial treatments fight against the first signs of aging and revive inactive, relaxed, tired, and lifeless skin. They reduce wrinkles and fine lines and restore tone and life to your face.

Biological facial treatments are very simple, safe, effective, and extremely pleasant. It is recommended that they be done after the age of 25.
There are several types of biological facial treatments, depending on what result you want to achieve:

  • Hydrating treatments
  • Oxygen treatment
  • Treatment for sensitive and couperose-prone skin
  • Whitening treatments
  • Multivitamin treatments
  • Regenerative treatments…
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