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Biologique Recherche

Individual and personalized evaluation of the epidermis.

• Relaxation phase:
Proprioceptive massage and cleansing

• Skin preparation:
Application of P50 lotion for gentle removal of impurities, without disturbing the acidic pH value of the epidermis.

• Putting on the mask:
Preparation, reconditioning, and skin function stimulation.

• Remodeling Face device:
Thanks to the combined action of the four currents, the effect of volume and glow is achieved.

• Applying a cocktail of authentic serums:
The cocktail is specially prepared by the beautician according to the individual needs of the skin.

• Final phase:
Depending on the skin and its needs, Biologique Recherche creams and finishing serums are applied to prolong and enhance the effects of the treatment with additional active ingredients. Ingredients are all-natural and have bio marine origin.

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The device consists of five probes that measure the level of hydration, transepidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and the amount of sebum. It is connected to a computer that has special software for analysis and diagnostics. Based on the results of probe measurements and classic dermatological-cosmetic analysis performed by experts, the device connects to the Biologique Recherche database and selects Biologique Recherche products and treatments that fully match the individual skin condition of each client.

For clear skin
Treatment for exfoliation and regeneration of skin with keratoses and skin with an irregular microprofile. The skin is even, smooth and radiant after the treatment.

For nicer skin
Exfoliation and revitalization treatment for wrinkled, tired and thick skin. After the treatment, the skin is smoothed and refined.

Less wrinkles
A treatment that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. The skin of your face, neck and décolleté will be toned and redefined.

SOIN RESTRUCTURANT ЕТ LISSANT is a treatment with an excellent anti-stress effect. Le Soin Lissant is a unique moisturizing treatment and facial massage that stimulates the skin’s natural defense system, which maintains its natural function and nurtures youth. The synergy between specific sculpting movements and pulsating strokes, combined with our Biologique Recherche treatment concentration, restores and unifies the skin. This comprehensive, luxurious spa facial leaves skin visibly lifted and reduces signs of stress, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful. ⠀
• skin smoothing
• taking care of deeper and shallower wrinkles ⠀
• skin reconstruction⠀
• hydration

For lifted, better-tightened skin⠀
Peeling and lifting treatment combined with massage techniques for mature skin. After the treatment, the skin is smoothed, tightened and refined.

For radiant skin
Treatment for detoxification and stimulation of the epidermis and reoxygenation of the skin tissue. For skin that has been affected by city pollution. The complexion gets an incredible glow after the treatment, and the skin is brighter and incredibly shiny.

The treatment is based on the current condition of your skin.


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