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Eye area

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive face area and therefore the signs of aging are initially reflected in that part. That is why we offer special treatments, that supply the eye area skin with all the necessary substances for regeneration.

Massage especially treats the orbicular muscles around the eyes, to increase their tone and give them new firmness. In combination with certain preparations, this treatment ensures excellent performance and immediately visible results. It is recommended for younger people to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, as well as for older people to remove swollen eyelids and “bags” under the eyes and as part of regular care.

In addition to the classic treatment of the eye area, we also perform appliance treatments of this region. Mesoporation of the skin of the eye area. With mesoperation, “cocktails” are deeply inserted into the skin layers and thus we nourish, hydrate, and compensate for deficiencies.


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