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The lymphatic system consists of lymph glands and lymphatic vessels that branch throughout the body, like a network of blood vessels.

The lymphatic system plays a major role in the immune system and antibody production because it returns lymph to the bloodstream, filters lymph from damaged cells and bacteria, and produces immune cells.

Lymphatic drainage is a therapy designed to stimulate the free flow of lymph movement in the system. It is performed by massage that primarily focuses on specific lymph nodes and points in the body following its natural course.

The therapy’s main goal is to remove the blockage and fluid retention, most often around the upper and lower extremities.

It is used for inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints, implantation of implants, and liposuction. It is an indispensable therapy for the problems of the digestive tract, such as constipation, lazy bowels, and flatulence (bloating).

Lymphatic drainage is like preventive detoxification, excellent in maintaining the already existing healthy state of the body, and is highly recommended for pregnant women.

This massage is widely used for facial cosmetic purposes, often in reducing dark circles in under eye area, and under the chin area. The treatment is useful after various cosmetic interventions.

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