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Thai massage is a holistic treatment that affects energy flow by pressing acupressure points and lines known as Sen. The therapist applies gentle stretching and deep tissue massage, using his hands, knees, and feet…

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

In this way, relaxation occurs, release from tension, circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated, flexibility increases and the vitality of the entire organism is maintained. It is performed on a mat, in comfortable cotton clothes without the use of oil.

In addition to the regeneration of tired parts of the body, Thai massage has a positive effect on the reduction and release of stress as well as on the regulation of chronic or frequent headaches. This type of massage is recommended for athletes and people who are exposed to heavy physical effort.

Thai massage balances the body’s energy clears the mind and increases flexibility.

For men, the massage begins by focusing on the right side, while for women, the left side of the body is massaged first.


For the best results, it is recommended to schedule a Thai massage 2 to 3 times a month. In this way, in addition to the comfort after the massage, you get additional motivation and the effect on improving mood is drastic.

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