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hit manicure technique

without UV lamp

Dipping powder is a technique that is suitable for women who have allergies to materials used in other nail techniques. Materials used for dipping powder do not contain ingredients that could cause allergies.

If the nails were previously treated with classic gel methods, dipping is the right solution for the recovery of your nails because the liquid we apply as the first layer is rich in vitamins and calcium that nourish and nourish your nails, while dipping colors give an aesthetic seal. The manufacturing process is very simple, safe, and painless, and the effect lasts 3 to 6 weeks.


• There is no UV radiation or UV lamp
• Application is simple and quick
• No unnecessary nail filing
• The used material dissolves in acetone
• Nails are enriched with calcium and vitamins
• As a result, you get beautiful and above all – healthy nails


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