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Medical nail

Podology (Onychoplasty) is a non-surgical method that is used for all types of ingrown nails as well as for all nail plate deformities. In our salon, we work with three types of prostheses that have a painless effect on the nail plate, create space for the nail to grow normally without growing into the surrounding tissue, correct the deformity of the nail and, most importantly, make your walk easier. The prostheses we work with are:

• 3TO prostheses (used for ingrown nails and other deformities of the nail plate)
• PODOfix (adapts to all nail shapes, exists in different sizes and there is no age limit for use)
• COMBIped (has a tightening effect, and is used to lift extremely bent nails)

Prostheses are intended for everyone who has a problem with ingrown nails, regardless of gender, age, as well as diabetics. It is safe for people who tend to have allergic reactions.


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