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natural-looking permanent eyebrows

Japanese eyebrow blading technic

Microblading is the most popular permanent makeup technique in our salons. Using a bladed tool, the pigment is injected under the skin.

The beauty of the Japanese technique is in the moves that imitate the hair so that a very fine realistic representation of the individual hairs in the eyebrow can be achieved.
This is an ideal technique for those who want as natural a look as possible, as well as for those who are missing a part of their eyebrows because the “artificial hairs” will fit perfectly.

The results of this technique last 1-3 years, depending on skin type, care, and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the shade of the injected pigment will be 2-3 tones more intense immediately after the treatment and that the desired shade will be reached after 5-7 days, after skin regeneration.

Also, oily skin and increased secretion of sebum in the T zone affect faster color fading.

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