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exclusive shading technique

powdered eyebrows

Micropigmentation is a modern permanent makeup technique you can get in our salons.

Eyebrow powder is done on the surface of the skin – the epidermis layer. Thousands of tiny dots of pigment are applied with a needle. This is a classic eyebrow shading where the beginning is blurred, and the end of the eyebrow is precise and sharp. You will get the effect as you drew them with a pencil and an eyebrow shadow.

This is an ideal technique for those who want their eyebrows to look natural, dense, and well-groomed. This method is also great for mature skin.

The results of this technique last 1-2 years, since they are done at a shallow depth and their last depends on the type of skin, care, and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the shade of the used pigment will be 2-3 tones more intense immediately after the treatment and that the desired shade will be reached after 5 days.

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