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permanent eyes, lips, and eyebrows makeup


This is the oldest and first permanent makeup technique that appeared in our salons.
For this technique of permanent makeup, we use a tattoo machine that gently implements the pigment into the skin, using several fine micro and nanoneedles. It differs from the classic tattoo machine by its lower frequency, which means that the pigment is implanted closer to the surface of the skin, unlike classic tattoos.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types, except for old tattooed eyebrows. This technique is for all those who want a longer effect because these eyebrows will last up to several years. It gives a strong color and a precise appearance. This is an ideal technique for people who don’t have much of their natural eyebrows.

The results of this technique last for several years, depending on skin type, care, and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the shade of the injected pigment will be 2-3 tones more intense immediately after the treatment and that the desired shade will be reached after 5-7 days, after skin regeneration.

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