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Sugar paste

Sugar paste depilation is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. Sugar, water, and lemon juice make a sugar paste that is used for waxing. Its composition is completely natural, without the addition of preservatives, additives, glue, and colors.
Sugar paste depilation does not cause capillaries to burst or irritation (the skin remains smooth and velvety), so the process is less painful than ordinary depilation.
It reduces the number of ingrown hairs.

It allows the removal of very short hairs (less than 2 mm), which is a great advantage over other hair removal methods. Hairs treated with sugar paste grow less often, brighter, and softer, and return thinned after 4-6 weeks.

Over time, the hair follicle and its root completely weaken, resulting in an almost complete cessation of growth. This method is special because it removes up to 90% of the hair from the root. It is especially recommended for depilation of sensitive areas such as the groin, armpits, face, and hands, as well as for people with sensitive skin.


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